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PKT Armed AN2 Bi Plane Available at Aircraft Traders​
It is time for the Annual server wipe, its time to clean up the corrupted database.
This is going to fix all the bugs related to lag.

What does this mean to you ?
Character Reset, Vehicles deleted, bases deleted. Everything BUT your Banks.

What does this do to the server ?
Boost in FPS, faster loading times.

What changes is it going to come with ?
NEW Base Building Rules, New base Building Limits. Smooth Server with ZERO lag. And we will keep it that way for another year.

May 29th - Friday 12AM EST


Your Bank will Be Maxed at 2 million before the whipe. Your Banks will save, so sell everything you can. Get ready for a new start !


all perks and load-outs will still be there.
Any Buildings, boxes as well as humanity will be refunded if you donated any 3 months ago.


Side Note :
Let down with this wipe ? all that you worked for is gone ? Think of the awesome FPS, all the new base building areas, and if you are thinking about leaving the server, then why not just fresh start on this server instead of a new one.
Drone's are DEAD!


As of now we have removed these from the A3 server!
I would like to invite everybody for Our Community Meeting in our Teamspeak.

WHEN ? 23rd May - 8PM EST - Saturday
WHERE ? Teamspeak 3 - ts.ghostzgamerz.com

To discuss various topics with admins and players.
To have a fun time with people you know and get to know each other.
To solve conflicts between players and admins.

These are the primary topics we will be discussing about.
  • Introduce ourselves.
  • Make a list of scripts we have on the server.
  • Talk about what we should add to our servers.
  • What we should take out or change.
  • Talk about current bugs/glitches
  • Arma 3 Overpoch Server discussion
  • Community Expansion
  • Question & Answers
  • Exchange Steam Usernames.
  • Conclusion and chill talks.

Everybody is invited, but RSVP in this thread so i know how many i will be expecting.

I know we talk everything out here in the forums, but I think it will be more convienient and effiecient to talk it in a meeting.

Last time we had a meeting was when our servers were hijacked and we had to re unite though steam group :)

We currently have only 120 slots. If we need to, we will kick the people that dont wanna attend the meeting.
Any new Players that come join us on the A3 server Will be rewarded a Starter Building box (Pioneer's Kit) with 2500 Krypto!

Pioneer's Box Contents
10 Wall Stud's ,10 Wood Floors, 5 Small Metal, 5 Metal Large, 8 Foundations, 8 Cinder Walls, 6 Cinder Blocks, 6 Mortar Buckets,2 Circuit Parts,2 Shelfs, Hatchet

Come Check it out!

Also the forums Box For Arma 3 is 50 Forums Posts!